Thursday, April 2, 2009

BEDA start!


So, I'm participating in this awesometacular idea of the fantastic author, Maureen Johnson. It's called BEDA, or Blog Every Day April. I'll be starting now, on the second, so as you won't think this is an April Fools Joke[Although, that would be quite like me:].

Let's get down to blogging!

So I'm probably not going to be blogging tomorrow or Saturday because I'm moving Saturday and tomorrow I'm probably packing my cpu. :/ (There goes my life...)

But, hopefully I'll be up and running again by Sunday! *happydance* happenings...

I'm currently watching Twilight after it sitting on my shelf since Monday. I've seen it twice in theaters, so it's a bit thrilling to have it on my own bedroom screen. <3

I'm at the part where Alice sees James kick the tree in a vision while they're at the hotel and she's all drawing and being cool and psychic. (Point for runon sentences!)


Yeah, so I'm enjoying that. :]

My mum just brought up my dinner-Mac and Cheese. Yummm. :P

I was also marking up my Half-Blood Prince calendar again. Haven't been using it lately cause it fell off my wall last month and it left a really big hole in the wall(I can't get the tack back in there) and I am so stubborn(I won't put it up anywhere but that spot), so I've been writing what happened where I forgot to. I have this habit of writing things that happened on that date in the little box. :]

My calendars on April, which is Luna. That makes my day! :]

Yesterday was Fred and George Weasley's birthday. That was spectacular cause everyone at school was getting pranked and Fred was probably enjoying it wherever he was. The Marauders too. :]

I don't think they're dead though. Not Fred, atleast, or Sirius.

JK just put them in some weird spot where they can watch everything and laugh at people when they fall down.

Anyways, I'm going to head back to my cheesy macaroni and my gorgeous sparkly statue beings.

Love you all who take the time to read this insanity!

-Sam, Ziva, JamesPotterROCKS. (They're all one person, me.)


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