Thursday, April 2, 2009

Response to hayleyghoover's "Sexy/Nonsexy" blogpost! :]

Things that are sexy:
--James Phelps. :]
--The whole kiss scene in Twilight.
--The guy I like.
--DiNozzo. [NCIS]
--When guys show up at your door with a shy smile and roses.
--Harry Potter guys. :]
--Cats. xD Well, my cat's being sexy right now. lmao.
--Dylan Sprouse has grown up very much. Search for the twins latest Ellen appearence.
--*slaps self* J-Joe...Jonas...? *wince* I am so embarassing myself...
--Robert Pattinson, hands down.
--Taylor Lautner, same as Rob, hands down.
--Guys leaning against cars. Cool cars.
--Youtube couples.
--Some scenes in HP fanfiction.
--Mookie627(Jill aka Biscuit) from DeviantArt's work. :]
--Michael Seater. :/
--Ziva and Tony's relationship. So help me God, if they don't end up together *muffled muttering*
--Guys that sing and play guitar. :]
--Youtube guys.
--Fictional characters. Hands down. Epic win.
Things that are not sexy:
--Paris Hilton.
--Johnny Depp.
--Jesus sandals.
--Guys with uber long toenails. Yes, I'm talking to Mike.
--Too much cologne.
--Too many tattoos. Like 2, is okay.
--Guys eating. Eehhh. Close your mouth, for once!
--Baseball. Those uniforms...>.<

Hope you enjoyed my weird musings! That's two posts in my first day! *claps*

--Sam x

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