Monday, June 8, 2009

Of emotions and heartache

I really believe that I need summer. Like, now.

I will welcome it with open arms, embrace it, and try to live in my best friends house.

Here are some things that I do in the summer that I NEVER do in the school-season:

1. Go for two days without sleep. It's actually really fun.
2. Sneak in to the nearby apartment complexes pool so much that the regulars think that you live there and you can stop sneaking in.
3. Go barefoot around the whole neighborhood.
4. Play four-square with the whole neighborhood.
5. Wear sun-dresses.
6. Wear any type of dress at all.
7. Catch so many frogs that they fill up the cheap plastic kiddie pool you haven't thrown away, comepletely for this purpose, just to have all the frogs jump away at night. *sigh*
8. Listen to Shakira. At early hours of the morning.
9. Put up with things.
10. Actually think that the "I Like Fat Girls" song is funny.
11. Put on full make-up, just to sit on brothers laptop and take pictures. (NONE innapropriate, mind you)
12. Read all 7 Harry Potter books in a week.


--Sam x

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